Looking for slide in pop up campers? Here a new twist for you. One company is building them with a basement. A basement? Yep. And here is the benefit. Traditionally, fresh water and holding tanks are located on the exterior. With these now being in the basement, it eliminates freezing, which is a common problem with most self contained slide in pop up campers. In addition, it increases the capacity of these tanks by approximately 70%. Other benefits included a lower center of gravity, allowing the unit to be less tipsy and making it safer to use. Also, it allows for the interior shower to have more head room, making it a fully stand up shower.

Another manufacturers Top Up Top Down design of slide in pop up campers allows for the top of the unit to raise and lower hydraulically. This design provides some significant features that set it apart from the rest. Here are some of the features; While driving with the top lowered there is less wind resistance and with less wind resistance fuel mileage is increased, it also improves the handling and feel while driving by lowering the center of gravity and putting the weight of the camper closer to the road preventing the rock and roll motion of the conventional truck camper, no canvas walls means warmer in winter and cooler in summer, the full raising top means you have a full height door which means you don’t have to stoop over to get inside the camper and you have large eye level glass windows not plastic, When driving in windy conditions the truck and slide-in camper is not pushed around as in a conventional truck and camper.

These are a couple of manufacturers views of their product. However, just about every manufacturer has a little twist of some kind on their . In general however, just about all slide in pop up campers have basically the same equipment and are about the same size. This is not to say that one should not shop for the things that they like. The little differences from one slide in pop up camper to another may be attractive to some, while not being attractive to others. So as with anything else, shopping and comparing will lead the consumer to that which they find most compelling to them as an individual.


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