The 2000 Coleman Utah pop up camper is a little over a decade old. Which makes it even more amazing that it is still in such good condition. It is a folding camper which means the sides go down and it can be compacted into a much smaller size. The pop up portion of the camper is made out of a material that is much like a tent. It is soft and movable but still sturdy. The size of the 2000 Coleman Utah form the outside is slightly deceiving. It is much bigger than it appears to be. There is enough room to sleep up to seven adults comfortable. Two kings size beds and a pull out dinette make up the sleep area. The dining table in the Coleman Utah pop up camper folds down to covert in to the third bed.

Specs For The 2000 Coleman Utah

The Utah camper comes with a dining area that is made up of two benches and a removable table. The kitchen area consist of a 3 way refrigerator as well as a small stove and three top burners. The 2000 Coleman Utah has a hot water system that allows the water to warm up for the outside shower. A central heating system will help keep you warm on chilly nights. If you cannot find a power source to plug your pop up camper into this 2000 Coleman comes equipped with a battery backup system. When it is opened completely on of the pop outs makes a small screened in room. There is a canopy that can be hung over the front door when you are set up. The only real problem with this Coleman Utah is since it is a slightly older model it has a VCR installed rather than a DVD player.

Inside The 2000 Coleman Pop Up Camper

The interior is slightly dated with an older multiple color upholstery. There are several small storage areas locked above the stove and under the bed. A small sink next to the stove is perfect for washing dishes. There is more than enough space for every one to sit comfortable inside the camper.


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