First a little history of Avalon pop up campers. FTCA, Inc., which is a subsidiary of Blackstreet Capital Partners, purchased Fleetwood Folding Trailers, Inc. from Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc. of California. They have signed a trademark licensing agreement with The Coleman Company, Inc., which was Originally a division of Coleman, so that FTCA’s folding camping trailers once again feature the Coleman brand as a result of this agreement. The Coleman Company was founded in 1966 with the camping trailer business originating as a division of The Coleman Company, Inc. The first trailers were rolling off the assembly line in 1967. By 1979 the company attained the number one spot in market share leadership and has never relinquished that position. Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. acquired the division in 1989 to improve its’ position in the RV industry. Operating as Fleetwood Folding Trailers, Inc., the division continued the Coleman heritage by producing innovative high quality camping trailers. Currently, FTCA designs, manufactures and distributes its’ folding camping trailers, from its facility in Somerset, PA. Ok, that’s out of the way.

So now you know that Avalon pop up campers are Coleman campers. It is also part of the Coleman Highlander Series of campers. The Avalon pop up campers is a 16′ high-wall folding trailer with dual axles, large slide-out, hard-wall bathroom, oven, microwave, furnace, large refrigerator with freezer, permanently upright galley, end comfortable sofa, lots of seating, standard electric lift system, 20 gallon grey water tank, electronic monitor for toilet, 14″ tires, aluminum wheels, rack tracks on roof (requires use of optional bars to carry cargo), DSI water heater (water heater lights itself), drop-down high pressure stove and seamless edged laminated counter tops. The Avalon pop up campers comes with a real toilet (not a cassette toilet) with a 9 gallon black water tank. This makes it real nice since it enables you to drain the toilet directly into a sewage connection at a campsite. It also has a large refrigerator a full 4.5 cubic feet, standard power lift system, outside access storage compartment under dinette, and iPod connection on stereo. This Avalon pop up camper, part of the Highland Series, is very nicely equipped.

According to Statistical Surveys, Inc. the Avalon pop up campers are rated North America’s most popular high side wall folding camping trailer. So experience the best of both worlds with the Avalon pop up campers, part of the Highlander Series, for outstanding top of the line comfort, features and easy tow ability.


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