Coleman pop up campers, some people call them pop ups, fold downs, folding trailers or tent trailers, but at Coleman Camping Trailers they call them North America’s best selling brand of camping trailers. Why? Because that is a position they have earned every year since 1979. In business since 1966, their 40 years of camping experience backed by thoughtful design and outstanding engineering, means that regardless of the model you choose, you’re getting the reliability and quality of a Coleman. FTCA, Inc., the manufacturer of Coleman Camping Trailers has one focus and one focus only, a commitment to building the best. Coleman pop up campers along with every other model in their line, designs, builds and assembles the entire camper from the ground up. Many of their competitors are just assemblers or outsource their vital components. Coleman still sews their own tents, engineer their own lift systems, build their own furniture and so on. In addition, they have a continual eye on customer service like no one else in the industry. At Coleman their legacy is to lead, not follow.

Coleman pop up campers come in 5 different series and there are several models to choose from in each series. In the Highland Series there are the Avalon, Niagra and Saratoga models. In the Americana Series there are Utah, Bayside and Mesa models. In the Americana LE Series there are the Sun, Santa Fe and Cheyenne models. In the Destiny Series there are the Westlake, Sea Pine and Yuma models. In the Evolution Series there are the E1, E2, E3, E4 and Cobalt models.

Before you rush out to purchase a pop up camper there are a few things you are encouraged to do in order to insure you get the maximum satisfaction from your new RV selection and purchase. Don’t rely on word of mouth for your information. Learn on your own all that you can about the pop up camper you are considering. Make notes and include things such as the actual length, width, carrying capacity, gross vehicle weight, unloaded vehicle weight and be sure that your vehicle is capable of towing your purchase. If you are not sure about this, check the owner’s manual that came with your vehicle or stop into a dealership and make an inquiry. And make sure you include the weight of all the food, water, clothes, gear and etc., that you will be carrying. Pay close attention to the details of each pop up camper you look at. The manufacturer of Coleman pop up campers feels that the closer you look at the various campers, the better they are going to look to you. They believe they build a pop up camper that is second to none, so follow the simply steps mentioned above and see how good they really are.


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