Pop up tent campers although all very similar, do have some differences. Some have soft sides (canvas sides) and some have hard sides. Some are trailers while some sit in the bed of a truck. Not all pop up tent campers are towed by trucks or cars. There are even pop up tent campers that are towed by motorcycles. Wow, these things must be popular! Well, they are popular and they are popular for several reasons. First, they are affordable when compared to their cousins, the much larger Class C and Class A recreational vehicles. Next, they are lightweight, which means that a larger variety of vehicles can tow these lightweight pop up tent campers. As mentioned above, even down to a motorcycle. Then there is where you are able to go. The fact of the matter is, you can go places with a pop up tent camper that you couldn’t think about going with their larger cousins. This enables you to go to all those remote lakes, rivers and streams, to get all that fishing in, that heretofore you thought was not possible.

People prefer one pop up tent camper over another for different reasons. As an example, there is the trailer type and there is the type that sit in a truck bed. Both of these are pop up tent campers. The trailer types offers more room whereas the type that sit in a truck bed have more flexibility because they are not being towed. Therefore, those with the type in the truck bed seemingly want to go to more remote type areas, while those who prefer to tow their pop up tent camper appear to not want to travel to such remote areas. So each of these groups have the flexibility of choice.

The general view on a pop up tent camperis how easy it is to set up once you have reached your destination. Well, in many cases, especially today, is absolutely true. Let’s digress for a moment. There are many pop up tent camper manufacturers and they are all competing for the dollars that are available to be spent on these items. In that effort, they do come up with many new and innovative products. And there are many. Getting back on track, there are some manufacturers that have developed electronic set up devices that will automatically set up yourpop up tent campers in 20 seconds or less. That is truly amazing. It is a remarkable thing to think that you can drive up to a spot you like and in 20 seconds or less you are set up and ready to enjoy your camping experience. The best advice is to research, research, research. Find those manufacturers with the newest innovations that provide you with the most enjoyable experience.


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