The Chalet pop up camper is the Nations leading manufacturer of ultra lightweight hard-sided folding travel trailers, according to the manufacturer. Their flagship line of hard-sided folding travel trailers are most famously known for their ultra low weight, hard-sided security, and ease of operation. Chalet suggests that their pop up campers are so easy to set up that it can be accomplished in thirty seconds or less. Further, Chalet sales materials say that their trailer can be pulled behind just about any type of vehicle and for all these reasons people are changing their views on pop up campers.

Another type of Chalet pop up campersare the ones that fit into the bed of a pick up truck. These Chalet pop up campershave all the benefits of the standard Chalet pop up camper. This pop-up truck bed camper has all the benefits of a standard pop-up camper, such as lowered wind resistance for better gas mileage. But, it also has several unique advantages. Fully automatic set up! That feature alone puts this in a class of its’ own. And, of course, the 100% hard sides of the Chalet pop up campers. There is no canvas.

If you are considering buying a Chalet pop up camper it is a decision that requires a lot of thought, after all, it is a large expense. You have a lot of happy pictures in your head of all the traveling, camping and sightseeing you are going to do, but it still has to be paid for. So look at all the models, compare all the features and make sure you buy what you want and need. Take a good look at Chalet pop up campers and makes sure theirs are the campers you like best.

Currently, the Chalet pop up camper XL series, includes all the features, comfort and security you would expect. The XL series comes in a longer, wider and taller camper for families that need more sleeping accommodations. In addition, it includes a shower/bathroom that doesn’t compromise living space. Even though it is the largest solid, folding wall camper on the market, is still offers all the benefits of a light weight, solid wall, low profile ,Chalet pop up camper. And don’t forget, it still sets up electronically with the push of a button. There are six XL series floor plans, so make sure to pick the one that suits you best.

The Chalet pop up camper has been built on a reputation of quality construction. They don’t cut corners to save money. Their latest design breakthrough is a new material and construction methods to make their trailers lighter, stronger and moisture free floors. They use high strength alloys to create lighter and stronger chassis. And the flooring won’t rot or swell. It is lighter and much more rigid than typical RV flooring.


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