A hardside pop up camper is a camper with hard sides. (quiet, genius at work here) Seriously, hardside pop up campers come in a few styles, such as 2 wheel and 5 wheel. And, of course, truck pop up campers also have hard sides. Also, tent pop up campers come with hard sides and are quite durable and sturdy. The hardside pop up camper is made from a variety of materials all of which work very well. In fact, since the hardside pop up camper is made from different types of materials, it makes traveling to different climates and weather conditions quite easy. Just one other note, although it is not a pop up camper a camper van also has hard sides.

Hardside pop up camper are really a nice way to go traveling and/or camping. They are light, easy to tow and you can take them to fairly remote locations, you know, those special places along a river, stream or lake where you can catch the really big ones, maybe even bag that big buck you are always looking for. Imagine pulling up near that mountain stream with your hardside pop up camper and in a matter of seconds you are all set up and ready to enjoy yourself. Yes, seconds. Some hardside pop up camper manufacturers say their pop up campers can be set up electronically in less than 20 seconds.

Every time people head out for a camping trip, the hopes are always high for good weather, for many reasons, the least of which is not wanting to have rain pouring into your camper or wind blowing through the camper. With a hardside pop up camper you’re still going to be hoping for that good weather, but not necessarily for the same reasons. Wind and rain may keep you in your camper, but you won’t be wet and you won’t be getting blown around. Rather, you’ll be nice and cozy and playing some games or watching a movie. The perfect camping trip always includes the best of weather, but no more, with a hard side pop up camper your camping trip will always be a success regardless of rain, sleet wind or snow.

As you travel around the country in your hardside pop up camper you will find many, many nice campgrounds. Why stay in a campground? Well, good question. Here’s the answer. Traveling all the back roads and getting to all those beautiful remote places can leave your hard side pop up camper pretty dirty. The good news is, many of these campgrounds have facilities where you can wash you camper and get it cleaned up and looking like new. Good maintenance is always a good thing for your hard side pop up camper.


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