Ok, here’s the deal with a Fleetwood pop up camper. If you search the internet for a Fleetwood pop up camper and a Coleman pop up camper site pops up (pun intended), do not be alarmed, you have reached the right place. More than likely you do not want to be bored with the details, so as briefly as possible, here are the abbreviated facts. FTCA, Inc., a subsidiary of Blackstreet Capital Partners, purchased Fleetwood Folding Trailers, Inc. from Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc. of California. They signed an agreement with the Coleman company so that FTCA’s folding campers carried the Coleman brand. By 1989 Fleetwood acquired the Coleman division in order to bolster their position in the pop up camper market. So, operating as Fleetwood Folding Trailers, Inc., the division continued the Coleman heritage by producing innovative high quality camping trailers. Currently, FTCA designs, manufactures and distributes its’ folding camping trailers, from its facility in Somerset, PA. There you have it. In short, Coleman is Fleetwood and Fleetwood is Coleman.

Whether you call them pop up campers, fold downs, folding trailers or tent trailers, if it’s a Coleman Camping Trailer, you can also call them North America’s best selling brand. This is a position they achieved in 1979 and have never relinquished it. With more than 40 years of camping experience, backed by thoughtful design and engineering, it means no matter which model you choose, you get the benefit of reliable quality that has made Coleman Camping Trailers, North America’s #1 choice and the reason for this is simply that it is their position to lead not to follow.

FTCA, Inc. is the manufacturer of Coleman Camping Trailers and is focused solely on camping trailers and therefore focused on building the best. Unlike many of their competitors who outsource many of their vital components and then put them together, Coleman does not just assemble the campers, they design and build them from the ground up. And they do it in their own facility. So remember, when you are thinking about a Fleetwood pop up camper you are really think about a Coleman.

A Fleetwood pop up camper a.k.a. Coleman, comes in the very same Series and models as a Coleman. The Series(models) are Highlander(Avalon,Niagra,Saratoga), Americana(Utah,Bayside,Mesa), Americana LE(Sun,Santa Fe,Cheyenne), Destiny(Westlake,Seaa Pine,Yuma,Sedona) and Evolution(E4,E3,E2,E1,Cobalt).

When you buy a Fleetwood pop up camper a.k.a. Coleman, not only are you buying North America’s #1 pop up camper, you are also buying a camper from a company that believes that people who enjoy their camping trailers are environmentally conscious by nature. They also believe their customers appreciate that their trailers can be towed by smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles and that they are designed for self-contained use in natural, low environmental impact campsites. You are urged to respect the environment by taking only photographs and leaving only footprints.


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